Hi, I'm Steve McLeod, B2B SaaS founder and coach

I coach B2B SaaS founders who want to run low-stress, profitable companies.

I can help you if:

Who am I?

I've been running Feature Upvote, a profitable and successful bootstrapped B2B SaaS, since 2017 - on my terms.

I am frequently asked for business advice from fellow SaaS founders. I've helped with hard decisions on pricing, marketing strategy, hiring and (alas) firing, technology choices, outsourcing, and managing the mental aspect of business.

Before I got into SaaS, I created and ran a consumer software product for 10 years, until it was acquired.

And before that? I created and sold a 10-person IT consultancy.

I hosted a podcast for SaaS bootstrappers for 100+ episodes.

Of course, amongst those successes are lots of failures - which are just as important for giving me a strong base for coaching.


“There aren’t enough people with actual real world experience doing SaaS coaching well. Having met Steve in person and listened to some of Steve's podcast episodes I know Steve’ll be good at this.” - Jonathan Markwell, Advisor & Supporter of B2B SaaS in Sussex

“I will vouch for Steve’s experience and knowledge. You would be hard pressed to find a better coach making their time available.” - Derrick Grigg, Founder of PageProofer

“Steve is my go-to for B2B SaaS advice. He really runs the most low-stress company I know. I highly recommend his service!” - Michael Koper, Founder of Nusii

Coaching packages


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Price: €2,000/month

How it works

Payments and ongoing commitments

Ready to get started? Introduce yourself, and I'll be in touch soon.

Note that I'm based in Barcelona, Spain, and only available for calls during local work hours. The timezone in Barcelona is GMT+1.